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Instituto de Ecologia el Estado de Guanajuato Instituto de Ecologia el Estado de GUanajuato Instituto de Ecologia el Estado de GUanajuato


Bárbara Macías is an economist. She graduated at the UNAM with honourable mention and performed post-degree practice at Port of Valencia, Spain on subjects related to internacional trade.

In Andalucia, Spain, she discovered the economic potential of both: green houses and cactus plantations.

On 2008 she decided to put foreward Casa y Acequia, a sustainable reforestation model which aims to help Mexico´s main issues: environmental deterioration, malnutrition, poverty and migration.

Casa y Acequia was legalized as a non profit civil asociation on May 4th, 2011, at Celaya City by Notary 18, Deed Nbr. 14,356. R.F.C. CAC110504MC4.CLUNI 2012


Alejandro Trejo
Manager of Communications


Sandra Portillo Alday,
In cooperation with CIASPE, self sufficiency in food trainer

IngFidel Mejía

Fidel Mejía
Organic Orchards Propagation Manager

Lider del Proyecto de Procesamiento Artesanal de cactus y agaves

Armando Silva Pacheco
Cactus and Agaves Processing Manager.