Casa y Acequia began operation at Soasnavar, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico December, 2008. Advances are:

1. The construction of a pond of nearly a quarter hectare

2 .The installation of a fence and iron bars over the creek basin

3. Reforestation with 1,500 native trees

4. An orchard of 100 trees

5. A 3 hectares plantation of thorn-free red prickly pear

6. A model plantation of thorn-less nopales

7. Building a tower with dry toilet, survey booth, irrigation tank

8. 16 hp.Tiller

9. A bridge, built with recycled materials

10. A 100 magueys plantation

11. Classroom in the open air

12. A stone sitting room meant to bring back to life the elder        counciltradition, with the purpose of gathering the experience        of the people who keeps memories of a country that enjoyed        self sufficiency in food, on the sixties